Incubate, Build, Launch

SkunkDAO is a dedicated community of blockchain developers building the future of Ethereum scaling on the Nahmii network. Bring your project from idea to full production in 12 weeks.


Applications to incubate, build and launch with SkunkDAO are now open!

About SkunkDAO

SkunkDAO is Web3’s home for moonshots. SkunkDAO will serve as the fuel behind the Nahmii dapp ecosystem by providing funding, resources and advice to developers and communities building scalable applications on Nahmii.

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SkunkDAO Partners

SkunkDAO partners play a major part in driving funding, strategy and community governance within the DAO. Since SkunkDAO will be entirely controlled by its members, partners have a unique opportunity to drive all aspects of its development from the earliest days.

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The Nahmii Edge

Build with SkunkDAO and join the Nahmii ecosystem, the leading Ethereum scaling solution providing developers, applications and institutions new possibilities for interacting with Web3.

State Pools

Nahmii’s greatest innovation is a technological breakthrough called “state pools.” State pools combine the instant finality of state channels with the pooled security of side chains and rollups. By merging the best of both worlds, Nahmii achieves instant transactions that are fully secure.

$100M Developer Incentive

The first 50 projects to launch on Nahmii will receive 10% of the fees they pay to the network back as an incentive rebate. This will apply up to $100M USD or 3 years past the project’s launch, which are unparalleled levels of support.

12 Weeks to Production

Rather than wait for months to get your project off of the ground and out into the world, with SkunkDAO’s framework, you’ll be actively building in 12 weeks.

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